Blog #2

For my internship I am working with the K-State Research and Extensions office. For the past couple weeks I have been helping different people by teaching them more about technology and how to use it. I realized that everyone is interested in learning different things. Some people may want to learn how write a paper on a computer while others are more interested in learning how to text or use specific apps on a smartphone. Being able to use computer, smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices can be very helpful in many ways. These past weeks I have been working with someone that had recently gotten a new smartphone that she wanted to learn how to use. We started with simple things like learning how to receive and make phone calls and then we went through how to browse the web and downloading apps. I have also been working with someone that wants to know more on how to use computers. I have been teaching her how to type on a laptop using Microsoft Word. We started off with words then moved to typing sentences. I have enjoyed teaching different people different things over these past weeks. My goals for this internship are to connect with at least five new people and to do four services for the community. Meeting and interacting with new people is always fun and I think it’s even better when you can help them anyway you can. I am excited to continue working on this project.


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