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Stars & Stripes: Hannah Gideon

Although it may be required of every intern to do community service, I often find myself doing more than I may realize. Whether it is a simple action of picking


Shotgun Shoot: Sophia Hall

For my community service this summer, I chose to work the Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation shotgun shoot at the Amarillo Gun Club with my brother’s Boy Scout Troop and my

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Blog 2: Shayna Day

Some people may come to a small community similar to the one I live in and think “There’s nothing here” or “There’s nothing to do in a small town”. Those

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Blog 1: Juan Gonzalez

My first week working for Western Equipment was good and I learned a lot of techniques that can help me later in the work field. Learning more tools and getting

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Bio: Valeria Garcia

Hello, My name is Valeria Garcia. I am the oldest & I have two younger sisters who I love so much. I am from Wheeler, Texas. I have lived in

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Bio: Jazmin Gonzalez

Hi! I’m Jazmin Gonzalez and I’m an upcoming senior at Wheeler High School. I am currently involved in activities such as color guard, UIL, and being a basketball manager as

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