Northwestern arts

    Our big mission is to bring Fine Arts to Western Kansas we have different talents in each town and we just want to grow it and give the kids a chance in doing what they love. Our Goals are to Fundraise 5,000 dollars to secure for next year production. Our 2nd goals is to get as many kids as we can involved into the productions for next year. The 3rd goal is to give our cast a fun experience because they deserve it. My big projects right now is to fundraise and to build the set of Cinderella which is the production I am helping Bonnie my sponsor do in Goodland KS. We have some very talented kids in this production. I’ve had a very great experience in getting to know goodland more and the kids that I have in my cast. I went around town to fundraise and while doing so I learned alot about the town and how many people are really happy about what Bonnie is doing in Northwest Kansas.when hearing what they were saying made me happy to know that what we are doing is making the town around us happy and ready to support us. The kids are happy and so excited we made Cinderella more dance based because the town has such a big talent in dance. and I can’t wait to see them perform their little heart outs. I’m loving the experience I’m getting in this internship and ready for more.

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