New and Exciting Experiences

This summer has barely started and already so much has happened. For my internship I am in charge of promoting the summer programs going on and helping with the fair at the end of summer. I am also in charge of the farmers market that goes on every Wednesday evening. My major project, however, is the Sumsummer intern blogging pic 3mer Feeding Program. It started off great. We had lots of kids come and try out the meals. Over thirty kids came the first week. Everyone who comes seems to enjoy the food and the activities. The little kids like to play games after they eat on the lawn and adults get to have a chance to relax and talk. Each week we have different volunteers help serve and watch the kids. The volunteers like to see what comes in the meals just as much as the kids.

The library has been great at making the meal times fun. Each Wednesday the library has someone come over and read a book to the kids while they eat. On Thursdays the library also has a summer reading program that they put on. Kids walk over there after lunch for fun activities and new books. I am helping out with the summer reading program for my community service project. The theme is “Every Hero Has A Story.” Last week I helped with the hero boot camp that they had for the kids. Everyone was laughing and having a good time going through various obstacles.  It was a fun day for the kids and adults.

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