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Market Garden
One of the key assets of the commonwealth that every community already has, is the local food shed.  Ogallala Commons endeavors to highlight and support this key asset with an outstanding initiative called Local Llano.  Local Llano has been the field in which I am currently working.

Local Llano strives to showcase the local food producers and food craftsmen in the Southern Llano Estacado region.  As a participant of this effort, I have been busy searching out new producers that have not been featured on the website or on the social media platform for Local Llano. 
Initially I visited local farmer’s markets to find and meet these producers.  I have been gathering information about their work and the food they produce.  I have visited several farms and market gardens to find out more and see their work first-hand. 

I have been interviewing producers, collecting information about their operations and their stories, taking pictures, etc. The content gathered will be turned into social media posts. These posts will in turn inform local consumers about the availability of locally produced food. 

Along with having privilege of meeting these local producers and showcasing their work in the local food shed,  I have had the pleasure to be part of the planning committee of the annual benefit dinner supporting the Local Llano initiative, “The Taste of the Llano.”  “Taste of the Llano” features a gourmet dinner produced with locally produced food for the supporters and sponsors of Local Llano’s important mission.

Through my work, I also plan to meet goals that challenge me in the following areas: The first, in communication, is to become a more proficient communicator by identifying the other party’s communication style one person at a time (written, verbal, email, text, etc.).  Second, is to increase my leadership skills by being decisive and confident in each course of action taken even if it feels a little uneasy.  Third, is to broaden networking skills, by stepping out of comfort zone to speak to people I just met, that I could learn from.

Susie and Amy at Blumenflor Garden Center and Farmer's Market.
Susie and Amie at Blumenflor Garden Center and Farmer’s Market in Seminole TX.

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