My wealthy Town

Plainview is a decent sized town with many aspects of common wealth. There are 12 key assets in common wealth which consist of education, health, leisure & recreation. It also includes history, foodshed, spirituality, Renewable Energy, Arts & Culture, Sense of Place, Wildlife & the Natural World, Soil & Mineral Cycle, and Water Cycle. I am only going to mention a few, but Plainview has many of these key assets in many different forms within the community. Let’s take education for instance. Plainview has its two separate high schools. One is the local public school Plainview High School or PHS. Then we have the Plainview Christian Academy or PCA. Which is a private school on the outskirts of town. Now Plainview also is known as a college town. We have two colleges in town one that is a private Christian college (WBU) and the other one is a local college (SPC). I can take up this whole thing talking education so let’s move on shall we? Plainview has many forms of the key asset health. One of which is of course the local hospital covenant hospital. Plainview also has a lot areas for leisure & recreation. Like the local cafe place called the brew where you can find people enjoying each other’s company and a good cup of cafe. We also have a YMCA were the inter family can enjoy swimming basketball or you can work on your cardio. Now every town has a little history and Plainview is no exception. One place you can go to learn about some of Plainview’s history is the local library. Now Plainview we have as many churches as we do restaurants if not more. So whether you’re in to being the back row Baptist or sing like an acapella church of Christ we have a church for you.20160717_204026[1]20160803_172415[1]20160803_170353[1]20160803_170804[1]

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