My Time Helping Our Community: Anabelle Cline

Hello, my name is Anabelle Cline and I’m an intern at the Milburn Price Culture Museum. I live in Vega, Texas and I’m a Junior in high school. My community service consisted of helping at the ASPCA and VBS.

While volunteering at ASPCA I worked with big dogs and cats. I got to meet a lot of new little furry friends and give them a chance to play and have fun outside before having to go back into their kennel for the rest of the evening. Abreigh Warner, Dakota Walker, and I got to bond and give dogs a chance to see if they will be good play buddies. When working with the cats at ASPCA the other interns and I had to feed the cats, give them water, clean their litter boxes, and play with them! While working with all the animals I realized just how much help the ASPCA really needs, but it was overall a very good experience.

Abreigh Warner and I helped at VBS, Vacation Bible School, at one of our local churches here in the town of Vega. Abreigh and I helped with the meals for the kids, giving the countdown, and taking pictures. 

Helping with the meals was stressful at times but it was fun handing out the food and drinks to all the hungry kids. I got to take pictures of the kids worshiping and singing and dancing around just enjoying their time there and taking pictures of their fun games and activities. Having to give the kids the countdown was really just telling the kids and their leader that they had 5 minutes left of their game and activities.

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