My Second OC Internship

An opportunity of a lifetime; I have been extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do a second internship shadowing physicians at Parmer Medical Center. This experience is extremely valuable to my future, and I have been able to learn and grow so much more than I imagined possible. I was able to ask so much more and learn by watching various physicians; I also set some important goals for myself to grow professionally and personally.

I firstly wanted to build on my people skills by reducing my shyness. I accomplished this by putting myself out there more, by trying my best to make the effort and interact with others, whether it was a patient, physician, or anyone in between. I will continue to do this and to keep building on my people skills and reducing my shyness because it is a key asset in the world of medicine.

The second goal I set for myself to grow professionally was by being more punctual. I was able to accomplish this while some hardship and struggles went on in my personal life, and that really showed me that I was mentally tough enough to be strict on my time management and show up on time where I was needed. Punctuality is such a key asset in the professional world and even personal world, it can make or break someone’s impression of you and can have positive or negative effects on your future.

The final goal I set for myself was being more involved with the providers, really trying to understand their diagnosis and plans of action for the patients. I found by doing this, I was able to learn so much more about medicine, I was able to start understanding why some treatments or ailments are the way they are and why we are not able to do certain things. By that I mean why we cannot prescribe certain medicines to say someone with kidney problems or mix certain medications. This understanding of medicine is a huge part of the field, this is why providers and physicians go through so much schooling and are constantly learning more and more, to provide the best care possible for their patients!

Through this internship and the internship, I had here the past year, I have learned so much. In my time in the emergency room, I got to see on the spot medicine where time was of the essence, and I truly learned a lot there especially when I was able to view procedures going on. I feel like, the most knowledge I gained, was in the clinic where we saw between 10 and 15 patients a day. This summer I was primarily with Dr. Jubay, and I learned and still am learning so much from him every day; but I also rotated around with other providers and physicians and was able to see each of their different styles and pick each of their brains a bit. I felt like this all culminated into a greater understanding of medicine, of disease and diagnosis, of treatment, and of patient care. Each provider had a different style, each person was a bit different, but they all had one thing in common that I really noticed made the difference, their level of patient care, treatment, and involving them in the process. They really make their patients feel heard and do the best they can for them. This made the patients and even myself feel like I was a part of the PMC family. I am grateful for this internship, everything I learned, and everything I was able to do, and I will carry this knowledge into my path and future career!

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