My Second First Experiences

With my first internship I started working a lot on the 2015 LEAD anniversary conference. Much of what I was doing was working on registration for the conference and also keeping track of the agenda for the website. Since the LEAD conference was a very big part of what I had been working on, it also continued into my second internship. The conference was at the end of September and it was held at the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During the conference I was working on different things. I started out helping with the registration and the payments then moved on to working with the evaluations as well as anything else that anyone needed help with. After the conference I had been working on data input from the evaluations that we received for each of our sessions. I have noticed that First Nations is a place that also cares about helping interns since they awarded some of the interns of Ogallala scholarships to attend. It was great for fellow interns to see and experience what I had been working on very hard during my internship. Now I have been working on a NEO conference that will also be in the same place that our LEAD conference was held. In this one I am looking forward to having more responsibility and being able to have more of a leadership role. I have really been enjoying the event planning as well as seeing the feedback that people give us from putting on these educational and informative conferences and to see how much they help the community is really great. I look forward to continuing to work with First Nations after my internship is over as well.

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