My OC Journey

Wow! It has truly been an incredible summer. I have learned so much from my Ogallala Commons internship, way more than I had expected to. This internship has allowed me to grow and expand on so many personal skills. I have learned how to create my own schedule and how to coordinate with other peoples schedules and I have expanded my skills of organization, time management, teaching, and my artistic abilities. As I have written before, I worked with ten Broken Bow businesses: Ag Service Associates, Bow Booterie, Bow Family Furniture and Flooring, Bruce Forrester’s Auto Sales, Chapin’s Furniture and Design, Custer Economic Development Corporation, Holcomb Pharmacy, P.C., Ideal Reality, LLC, KCNI 1280 AM KBBN 95.3 FM, and the Broken Bow Chamber Office.

Because each business had a separate goal in mind of what they wanted from this internship, they each had me working on something completely different. I designed and helped to further develop logo designs for Bow Family Furniture and Flooring, Holcomb Pharmacy, P.C., and KCNI 1280 AM and KBBN 95.3 FM. I created Facebook accounts, ads, and cover photos for Ag Service Associates, Bow Booterie, Bruce Forrester’s Auto Sales, Chapin’s Furniture and Decorating, and Holcomb Pharmacy, P.C. Custer Economic Development Corporation had me working on getting their upcoming new website details sorted out and on the website correctly, Ideal Reality, LLC had me teach them how to use Adobe Photoshop, and the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce had challenged me to update some old fliers and community events.

Working with each of the business owners was a great experience for me. All of the business owners were very kind and forgiving. Since this was the first internship of its kind in Broken Bow, they were learning with me and were more forgiving if I were to make a slight mistake. They were also very sweet and generous people in general, so it was fun getting to know each of them  and their businesses. My relationship with my supervisor was great! I stayed with Donnis Bullock- Hueftle, my Ogallala Commons Supervisor and the Executive Director of the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, for three days each week while I was in Broken Bow. Since I was staying at her home, every morning we would touch base on what businesses I was working with that day, how many hours each business had left, and she would help me brainstorm on different things to do for each of the businesses.

I really did have a lot of fun with this internship, it was an experience that I will never forget and I am glad that I got to be a part of the Ogallala Commons internship program this summer.

Chapin's- Crazy Days ad
This is one example of the Facebook ads that I created for the businesses, this one is for Chapin’s Furniture and decorating during Broken Bow’s side walk sale, “Crazy Days.”
Bow Booterie- Fall cover photo
This is one of the Facebook Cover photos that I created for the businesses, this one is for Bow Booterie for Fall. This is some of their fall line of shoes.
Holcombs- Bandstand celebration
This is another example of the Facebook ads that I created for the businesses, this one is for Holcomb Pharmacy during Broken Bow’s celebration of their 100 year old Bandstand.


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