My Introduction (Semira Brookins)

By: Semira Brookins

I am Semira Ali Brookins, I’ve been a resident of Tulia my whole life. I’ve lived in the same yellow and blue house on the corner of my street my whole entire life. I’m really involved with my school, and I’ve been trying to get even more involved with my community. My primary motivation to do the OC community internship is to get job experience, and to see what I could work on to be a good employee, and eventually a good employer. I have future plans of having my own amazing business, which I’m working on right now. I want to make sure that I’m the best in what I do and I’m hoping that in this I can find ways to make my business the best out there. My family has also lived here most of there lives. I have a very strong African American and Mexican American background. I’m very passionate about fashion, and entrepreneurship. I’m also very passionate about making Tulia better and growing it. We as high schoolers don’t have much to do in our community which provides very limited opportunity so I would like to provide Tulia with more in starting my business. Fashion is my hobby. My long-term career goals are to be a major fashion designer and to travel all the countries and provide my designs everywhere. I think the internships are the best way for me to get the experience of working and running my own business. I plan on learning a lot about entrepreneurship working with this program.

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