My internship so far-Blog 2

Working with EMS has been an amazing experience. I have learned so many new things that I know I will use the future. I first started off by learning the basic day to day stuff like where laundry goes, where to take the trash, and what number goes to which ambulance. I’ve got to experience a few different calls with each of them being very different. On each call I have learned something different as to how to pull out a taser, what questions to ask the patients, and how they transport a patient to the helicopter or out to the airport. I have learned about how everything works in the ambulance and where everything’s at. Every time the ambulance crew goes on a call they have to write a report. It consists of the mileage of the ambulance, vital signs if they had them, a written out report of what happened, the patients information, the call, in route, arrival upon patient, leaving, and back in station times, and much more. The crew here has really helped me through this process and have taught me how they work around here. They have guided me on the calls that they get and have explained what they are doing, how it works, and how it will help them. They have on call and transfer schedules that they do every Tuesday and it is very cool to see how they do it. They all have person they do not like signing up with because every time they do sign up with that person they either end up going on a long transfer call or getting called out a lot. Although I don’t have many hours here I’m using every minute to learn something new.

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