My internship so far- Blog 2

Working in the IT and Retail Fields has really provided me with many experiences and unique situations that I might have not been able to have anywhere else. The first starting days were just learning what are the items sold at each place, how to ship at Prairie IT or at Retread Threads being how to sow and steam clothing items. How to be efficient and fast in my job to make sure we get everything done in time so tomorrow doesn’t bring more work. At Prarie IT I was able to learn more about logistics and the inner workings of a business that acts worldwide in its sales and merchandise. While with Retread Threads I learned a lot about my local community and how to give back and help people in need and the workings of a smaller business that only conducts locally and not international like Praire it. They both have given me many useful skills that I will definitely be able to put into my future life and many household skills as well that make me more self-sufficient and able to provide for myself. Included in these skills have made me more confident with speaking to others and conducting myself in a more professional and pleasing way. I am halfway through my internship and I am excited to see what the next week brings me and how I can improve myself and make my co-workers happier and learn new skills and ways to improve my internship and my future.

|Me Steaming Clothes at Retread Threads|

|Me Shipping out Items at Prairie IT|

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