My Internship and My Outcomes

This year, I did a part time internship in Quitaque, Texas at the Caprock Public Library. I did 100 hours and 10 hours of community service. Some of my main projects for my internship were: Covering and labeling books on their spines, labeling books by their series, shuffling and organizing books on their shelves, weeding and deleting books from the library’s system, and also taking stickers off of old DVD cases and putting new stickers in the middle of the discs inside the DVD case. My main success in my internship was getting my projects done in time although some were longer than others. My main challenges were: getting some of the air bubbles out of the plastic covering on the soft cover books, reaching high shelves in some categories, and sometimes remembering which order the books went in while I was series labeling the books. What I learned in this internship were multiple things. These things were: I learned how to show up on time, be organized, I learned how to check books in and out of the system when people were returning or taking books out of the library, I learned how to also manage multiple projects at one time. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was doing a project where I was weeding books. During this project, I was series labeling, shelving books and DVDs, I also swapped the chick flick and fiction section at this time. For my community service hours, I worked at We The Women thrift store in Quitaque, Texas. My main projects were cleaning up the front, in the front I went through the racks and took out empty hangers and put the clothes in their correct order size. I also dusted all the shelves in the front and in the rooms, and I worked in the back with my supervisor Misty. There was one goal I achieved during my internship. This goal was communicating with others. Growing up I have always been a shy person. Throughout my internship, I have become more communicative with my supervisor, other employees, and also every person who has entered the library. This internship has lively impacted me by knowing what it is like to have a real job and the responsibilities that come with it. I would say the outcome of my internship was fantastic! I learned valuable lessons and I also  achieved one of my most important goals.

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