My internship

Me, Alexis(OC Intern), and our supervisor Laura Seals

My internship is located at West Texas A&M, where I work with AmeriCorps on campus. One of my main jobs to work on a math curriculum for a standardized test here in Texas, the TSIA. The test is used to determine college readiness and features most math topics learned up until high school. To get a better sense of how I would approach the task, one of my first steps was to go and take the test to get a understanding of the material that would be on it, and communicate with teachers, peers, and other members of AmeriCorps! I have multiple meetings with people who have experience with the TSIA and with my supervisor, Laura Seals, to ensure that the content on the curriculum will be high quality.


Alexis and I at the office

Some goals that I have set for myself is to improve my written communication skills, manage my time at the office responsibly to guarantee that the curriculum is able to help students in the surrounding areas, and become experienced in a more professional environment.

Though I do get to enjoy time away from the office, having meetings or taking walks around campus, a lot of my work is centered at a computer. I have to be precise in how I word and present information on my project so I’ve been working on communicating better over written communication and improving my skills in Microsoft Office!

My ideal of being a leader in this situation is making sure that this task is complete and accessible to students in need. Passing the TSIA is difficult for a lot of students, even I struggled with it in high school. My goal is to make this curriculum in a way that would assist in helping students with starting secondary education, and I believe this would be leadership goal of mine for the community. Lastly, I am becoming more familiar in a professional environment. We’ve learned skills such as writing professional emails, dressing professionally, and making sure to communicate properly in the work environment. These are some of the things I’ve learned so far, but there is still plenty to learn and become familiar with to aid my future work.

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