My Internship

My internship was with The Ghost Horse Gallery and Night Owl Espresso and Tea Bar in Silverton, Texas. I learned how to make all the drinks on the menu and learned how to run the shop by myself. Most of the time I was taking orders and learning something new everyday when I walked through the door. My main challenges was multi-tasking when we would have multiple orders for different customers. I learned by the that it is okay to take a breather or a moment for yourself when all of the orders or customers got overwhelming. I believe all of us interns learned just to breathe when the tough gets going. I loved where I worked for the summer and I am so glad I got to have this chance of doing the internship even though all the odds were against me in the beginning along with during the internship.

I am so glad I got to work on myself as well with a very great work space. I got to expand on my communication skills because I have a very quite voice so sometimes hardly anyone can hear me. I am so glad I got to use my voice this summer through this internship because now I am not afraid to talk and let my ideas be heard. I got to be leader in VBS as far as leadership goes because I got to help the little kids learn about God while also having fun and be goofy. I also got to show people why I am going to college because I want to open my own business when I graduate college. I have been ask on a personal and professional level because they want to why and how can it be better than any other business. I very happy glad that I got this opportunities to do this internship and expand my knowledge on business and working with other people who are different from you. With opportunity I would really like to help next year if help is needed as far as a mentor or even just someone who can represent Ogallala Commons around schools. Even if that means being in the Commonwealth Fair like I was this year for my senior year. I really did have a blast doing this and I really hope I can continue doing so as I go through college and get my students attracted to it.

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