My Interest in Remote Work

Back in March of this year, I was clocking in and out of an office every day, but not feeling productive or motivated.  I felt as if I was paid to just be there, and I didn’t have work that I was interested in.  I soon discovered the field of Web Developing.  I went to a local coding bootcamp and took an aptitude test.  They said that I could do well in the field but asked if I really wanted to go back to school for it.  I decided to go for it.  Around that time, I heard about Rural and Remote.  It is a program through Dane G. Hansen that helps people in NWKS find remote classes and work opportunities. I thought it would be the perfect fit for me.  But still I wondered if I would like to work remotely.  Would I miss having coworkers?  Would I get tired of being at home?  I was unsure since I had never done it before.  My first trial at remote work was taking the coding bootcamp virtually through Bottega in Utah.  It was a great experience and I enjoyed doing it online.  It might seem more difficult to focus or learn online at first, but it’s a great test to see if you would enjoy remote work.  I still felt connected to my classmates and teacher, and we got to know each other throughout the bootcamp.  We used Zoom all day to communicate, which made it easy.  I’m now doing an internship with Primitive out of Lubbock, Texas and working remotely still.  All day I work from a co-working space, Briefspace, which is a great place to focus and get work done.  There are many co-working spaces all over the country.  I could easily work from any of them, as long as I have my laptop and coffee in hand.  Remote work so far has been a positive and growing experience.  It forces me out of my comfort zone to network and connect with others online.  It also allows me to prioritize my work and life balance.  My hope is to continue to work remotely in a town where I’m comfortable and have opportunities I wouldn’t normally have here.

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