My First Year with OC!

Hey everyone! My name is Aly Lock and I am from Haxtun Colorado! I will be a junior at Haxtun High School this upcoming year and am so excited to be working through an Ogallala Commons Internship! I am a level one intern and will be completing my 100 hours through the physical therapy department at Haxtun Health. Through the physical therapy department, I am working as a physical therapist assistant. I get the pleasure of working with a wide range of patients from 98-year-old balance and recovery patients to 12-year-old knee patients! Within my job, I get to test the new physical therapy equipment like the slide board (a slippery board that you slide across to focus on balance) and the balance ball. A little more about me is that I LOVE going to the lake and spending time with my friends! I am almost 17 so I got my license last year and I love to go on short road trips with all of my friends! In school, I have a 4.0 GPA and have been in many extracurricular activities on top of my regular classes. I participate in FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, 4H, National Honor Society, Student Council, and Class Government. Within FFA, FBLA, and 4H I compete in projects and skills. Last year in 4H I competed in the Global Citizenship project and won Grand Champion of the state of Colorado and Grand Champion Overall Senior. I am so thankful that Ogallala Commons has given me this opportunity to be a part of their program!

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