My First Few Weeks!

Rather the traditional agricultural work in the field, we’ve been challenged to be innovative and create ways to reach the community remotely. My favorite has been the radio interviews. K-State Research and Extension (KSRE) has designated radio interview times with local stations, and I shared tips on proper lawn care on both KIUL and KBUF radio. Western Kansas, and especially Southwestern Kansas, faces challenges with water; while our farmers and producers work with new conservation technology, homeowners can be helping as well. It was very fun! The radio interviews served as my introduction, a way for me to research and gain knowledge on the water issues experienced in the area, and build from there. I’m now transforming my radio talk into an educational video, and will be creating other videos, infographics, and online tools to share with the community through the newly established KSRE Water Department Facebook and YouTube platforms. 

Both of my radio interviews took place over the phone early in the morning, but I was so happy to be talking with the hosts and sharing important information about smart ways to water lawns with the listeners.
This is a video capture from my video, Watering Your Lawn, when I was introducing myself. I converted my radio talk into a short video and have been developing that with Dr. Aguilar and other researchers to post on the KSRE’s Water Department Facebook and YouTube pages.

For my leadership goal, I’m working to increase my confidence, which will result from gaining more knowledge, experience, and collaborating withothers. It’s important that I am intentional in every setting to grow. My communication goal is to be comfortable naturally expressing information in a way so it is understood by the audience. Sometimes people struggle to comprehend because they are not familiar with the information. Thus, I want to naturally be able to communicate and share with others, knowing they understand and are learning. My last goal, for professional networking, is to have a reference and professional connection in the future for recommendations and advice. I want to be a diligent, respected intern with KSRE who feels comfortable, in the future, asking for letters of recommendation and advice.

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