My First Blog

FullSizeRenderIMG_7173I am from a small rural community, Goodland, KS. Our community is like family, you always know most everyone and enjoy saying hello to anyone you see on our streets. My hobbies and interests are 4H, sports, and bettering myself. I am heavily involved with 4H and the skills I have obtained during my years have improved my life in so many ways. My life has taken a path different from my childhood dreams, in part, because of 4H and what I have learned. I am academically advanced in math; this has led to my interest in finance and accounting. Recently, I had the opportunity to shadow a local banker. After that experience, I know I can see myself working in this field. As a child, I wanted to leave my hometown and live in a city. Now that I am about to graduate, I understand the value of small hometown living. I can’t wait to further my education and obtain my business degree and return to my small community. This Summer I will be interning with the City of Goodland in the Economic Development Department. My first and largest assignment will be to code, send out, and gather information from a city-wide survey. I will begin the week after orientation in Dumas and i am very excited to see how this opportunity will go.

The first photo above is of me and my girlfriend at prom this year.

The second photo is the main entrance of the City Building I will be working in this year.

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