My First Blog

Hello people,

My name is Aidan Suazo and I am from Taos Pueblo. I grew up in a home with no running water and a wood burning stove, though it was not the most ideal living, it was very enjoyable. The area where I grew up has the most incredible scenery and it is filled with various forms of life; ranging from trees, to deer, to frogs no larger than a stone. Taking in the sights was something I love to do. Hiking, camping, and swimming hold some of my most favorable childhood memories. Which led me to one of my biggest passions, photography. Ever since I held a camera; I always dreamed of seeing one of my pictures on a page of some National Geographic magazine. Though, with that being said, it hasn’t been the main focus of my current life. It has been a struggle, trying to find my place, but all I can do now is search. I definitely have enough time to figure it out. So, as a start, I will now try my best during this internship. Hopefully, it will point me in some new direction, and toward a new goal.  Operating my own orchard and crafting my own ciders. It’s a small dream that I hope to see through. Maybe, with help from the OC, it could be a reality. I should be able to learn a lot from both the internship and OC. Till then; I shall look forward to completing the internship and working with the OC.


Me harvesting melons
Delivering greens to children

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