My final blog

Living here for 19 years I thought I knew my community well, little did I know that I would learn more in one summer than all of those 19 years combined. I started out working for Kress High school for their summer school program. We only had around 13 kids for all of 1st grade through 6th grade. Even though it was small we were still able have fun while still teaching the kids about math and reading. Working summer school really taught me to have patience with the kids.


Next I went to the extension office where I have spent most of my time. After summer school I went to work at the Texas Agrilife extension office where I have been working for the last 2 weeks. At the extension office they have had me doing a variety of things from working at camps to validating show steers. My first week there we went to Caprock Canyon state park for H2O camp where me and my county agent John Villalba made an obstacle course across the lake. I learned reapplying sunscreen is extremely important when being in the water for the day. This past week I helped John and my dad validate show steers. It was a lot of work being in the sun all day in 100 degree weather. We had a calf get lose half way through and had to chase after it on foot for a few miles. I laso helped with picnic, our counties annual celebration.


I also worked at the hospital, City of Tulia, the golf course, Ezra Jones Cafeteria, Meals on Wheels, and the Chamber of Commerce. The Ezra Jones Cafeteria really helps underprivileged children get a good meal during the summer. On my first week there we had an auditor come and inspect the cafeteria. It was kind of nerve racking having someone watch your every move to make sure you were doing it right, but in the end we passed the inspection so I was relieved You have to keep count of every student that comes and eats a meal so that way the government can reimburse you for the amount. He taught me a lot of how the government helps organizations like ours serve their community. Without this program numerous kids would go hungry over the summer since they don’t have the school cafeteria to feed them.


At the hospital I helped count inventory at the hospital and shadowed x-ray techs, lab tech, and nurses. At the golf course I helped mow tee boxes and greens and worked in the office. I never realized how much work goes into keeping the golf course in working condition. You have to constantly be mowing the greens to keep them in working condition. At the Chamber I helped Happy Cole organize the city wide garage sale. I had a lot of fun over my internship and definitely encourage other people to do it as well.

Ozark Trail Monument
Ozark Trail Monument

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