My Current Intership

For my current internship, I am working for our county’s AgriLife Extensions office. With this as my internship, I have many things that I have to help with. For example, this particular office focuses on 4-H activities such as horse shows, camps, community activities, and many other livestock shows. We currently work for several different counties so each day is completely different from the other. For the past three weeks of my internship, I have helped with a Caprock Canyons camp, several Better Living for Texans cooking classes, a Horse show, several library programs for the children of our community, exercise classes for senior citizens and even helped at a Leadership Camp in Canyon. We are always traveling with this job, but it is a great experience to see all the different things that are involved in this organization. Also since we have different counties we help with, every Tuesday and Thursday we travel to the Memphis Office to sort out the same paperwork and other things necessarily needed for all the other counties. With this as my internship, we are always meeting new people so my goal in communication is to be more comfortable with speaking publicly and being comfortable with meeting new people daily. As for my leadership goal, I would like to better my ability to take action when is needed. For example, there will be a few days this upcoming month that I will be conducting some of the cooking classes, as well as some of the library programs. Finally, for my personal networking, I would like to better my ability to learn fast and be able to communicate with all the new people I meet and work with. This has been a great opportunity so far and I definitely look forward to the rest of this internship and all it has to offer.

This was taken at one of our exercise classes.

One of our Library Programs.

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