My Community Service Project

 I gave my 10 hours of community service, to working at the pedal the plains event. Pedal the Plains is a biking tour put on by the Denver Post where bikers can join in a bike tour in which they ride though the plains of Colorado.  Each year Pedal The Plains travels to a different area of Colorado, and this year rural Southeast Colorado was featured. Every year towns on the plains en route of the trail are set up as rest places. This means that those towns choose a place for the camp to be set up, so when the bikers get to the stop they can get their luggage, set up their tent and relax for the rest of the evening.  I served these hours by, unloading the baggage semi-truck and sorting them into numbered piles for the bikers once they arrived. I also helped, by sitting at the water station outside of town at Blue Rose Ranch giving out water to the bikers as they came through. I really enjoyed talking to all the bikers as they sat down to take a break. I think this helped my community, by providing help and support when there was little. The hardest part was sitting in the heat all day! The most fun parts were, unloading the baggage of the semi-truck and sorting it. We had an assembly line, a couple of people in the truck calling out the number on the tag on the bags, and then people on the ground grabbing the bags and putting them where they went based on their number. I was part of the line of people who were putting the bags in piles. I also enjoyed helping put up the signs showing where certain parts of the camp were located. It was fun to take part in the entertainment events put on by the community, once all the work was done. All in all, I’m very happy with the way I spent my service hours and am proud to have been a part of this event.

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