My community service experience

For my internship I had to have some sort of community service project. One organization in my community that is always looking for volunteers is our Meals on Wheels group. This organization prepares and delivers meals to families who cannot go out and buy their own groceries. They deliver Monday through Friday around lunchtime. While I was helping the organization I delivered meals to all the houses. I think the most challenging part for me was getting over my fear of talking to adults. They were so grateful and so nice that my fear completely went away. The families we deliver meals to, often don’t see many people on a day-to-day basis. They are so happy to just see a friendly face. It is such a rewarding thing to see someone be so grateful even when your just delivering food to them. When my mom was my age she also delivered Meals on Wheels so some of the ladies recognized me because someone in their family used to get meals from my mother. I forgot how close our community is until I saw people coming together to make meals for these families. It is honestly such an amazing thing to be involved in. I had a couple different drivers throughout my two weeks there but there was one in particular that opened up to me and taught me many life lessons. While on our route he would tell me cool stories about each of the people I was delivering food to. One man I delivered to has a grandson that is a famous musician and he is going to retire here when he gets tired of the life in the spotlight. Cool random little things like that made the route so much more fun than it already was. I loved taking the meals I prepared in people house and just talking to them about who I am and what I want to be. They always had something so positive to say about my future career choice. I would go back to that organization in a heart beat. 

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