My Community Commonwealth

When I first thought about what to write about in my commonwealth blog I tried brainstorming about how to figure out more about the city of Plainview. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed right to write about how Plainview is a commonwealth to myself and my family. As I have mentioned before, Plainview is about 27 miles east of my hometown. It is the closest city to Hart so I can remember whenever we needed anything we would just hop in the car and pick it up. Plainview has all sorts of things, they have stores such as United, Amigos, CVS, and I still remember the opening of the Walmart Supercenter. They have meat markets such as Panchito’s and La Economica where we like to buy specialty meats. One of my favorite places in Plainview would have to be the one and only Frisco’s Bakery. Anytime I get the chance of coming in to town I make sure to stop by to pick up a few pieces of freshly baked pan Dulce. Another neat thing about Plainview is it is home to two colleges, Wayland Baptist University and South Plains College. I know plenty of people that don’t live in town but still go to classes there because they are so convenient. Plainview is also a big job producer. They have the Walmart distribution, the Pioneer Plant, Covenant Hospital, Maseca plant, and so much more. Having jobs is a main part in keeping a town functioning and keeps the people coming back. I grew up in and around Plainview and it was usually a weekend ritual to make a stop there so even though I rarely stop by anymore since I left to college, just driving through or picking up a few groceries with my mom reminds me of my childhood and gives me a comforting feeling. The city of Plainview has played its part in getting me to where I am at the moment and it will always bring back memories of years past and present.


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