My Community

After taking a more in depth look at my community I realized it has all the sources of commonwealth. My community is fairly small. We have the three f’s, faith, family, and farming, in that order. Although we are small, we still can make sure everyone has the health they need. Many people also contribute to the many different things of our community.

Soil and Mineral cycle: farmers, dairies, and the NMSU Ag Science Center

Renewable Energy: solar panels and various windmills throughout

History: many different museums and historic buildings

Water Cycle: Our water actually comes from the Ogallala Aquifer.

Health: Hospitals, gyms, parks, health consultants, and trainers

Sense of Place: We have many different organizations that make Clovis unique and no other town has.

Spirituality: churches and school related organizations, like FCA

Food shed: farmer’s market and food bank

Leisure and Recreation: movie theatre, bowling, parks, pools, rodeo arenas, and community events buildings

Education: schools and daycares

Arts and Culture: art museum and great Mexican food

Wildlife and the Natural World: zoo

This activity showed me that my community has something for everyone. Even if you do not come from an agriculture background, you can still enjoy it here. Since we do have a major air base, Canon Air Force Base, here it brings in many different types of people. Some people that come here do not like it because they think there is nothing to do, but we have many different things if they just look. We are also a very hard working community. We will help anyone in need. The crime rate here is very low, fortunately. If it was not for all the commonwealth assets that we do have, I do not think my community would run as smoothly as it does. I do like it here very much and maybe will return after I finish college.




Our farms.
Our farms.
A wind turbine in Clovis.
A wind turbine in Clovis.
The Curry County Event Center
The Curry County Event Center



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