My Coding Academy Experience

When I first had the idea to do a coding bootcamp, I was living in Kansas City.  I decided to visit a coding bootcamp there to see what it was all about.  They asked me if I was ready to change my career and go back to school.  I knew it would be a risk to take, but I was excited for the challenge.  Soon after visiting the bootcamp, I got connected with Rural and Remote.  It’s a great organization that helps find opportunities to those who want to learn web development and work remotely.  I felt grateful and ready to learn more about it. 

In March, I started with Bottega’s beginner course which taught HTML and CSS.  It was very fun to learn and create my very first web page.  Bottega provided easy to follow tutorials and exercises to help learn the languages.  I then went on to the Javascript tutorials, which were a bit more challenging but just as interesting. If I needed any help, there were always mentors that were just a phone or Zoom call away.  Once I finished the beginner course, I was ready to do the full-time course.  The full-time course was 3 month long online course using Zoom.  I really enjoyed the teacher and the other students in the course.  Every day we would get online and go through the tutorials together in case we had any questions.  We had class projects and presentations from speakers throughout our time with Bottega. 

The online course with Bottega really helped me prepare for my future.  I learned the importance of discipline, communication, and teamwork.  My goal is to work remotely as a web developer, and now I feel more prepared to reach my goal.  I had never done any sort of coding before, and this bootcamp was a great starting point for me.

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