My Beloved Rez Ch. 2

Not much as changed in Rosebud since last year. Besides getting new roads, everything has pretty much stayed the same. Except I have matured and am now getting ready to graduate high school and hopefully go off of the Rez to college somewhere. As I get ready to leave, I am constantly thinking about what I need to bring back. A big thing that comes to mind is the fact that we aren’t living very sustainably. We have 2 windmills, but that is not enough. I have been thinking about a new type of house. My leksi Wizipan Garrett is the one who sparked this interest in me when he told me about his “Modern day Tipi” idea.

When I first learned about what sustainability was, I have always wanted to live in such a way where I wasn’t a burden for the Earth, I have always wanted to live sustainably. Hearing this idea, all I thought was this could be a way to help my nation be sustainable.

As far as Arts and Culture go, there is an ABUNDANCE on the Rosebud Reservation. We have all kinds of people who know how to do bead work, quill work, hide tanning, and pow wow dancing. We have our own culture, Lakol Wicohan. The Lakota way of life. Our own language, which is sadly dying out.

Leisure and Recreation: I have been seeing gyms being open a lot more compared to last year. Almost every day there is a gym open thanks to Kyle Keller and Kevin “Hoch” Decora (my lacrosse coach). Also, our boys and girls club has made huge improvements with adding a gaming room. On Wednesdays, the club has let us use one of their rooms for Box lacrosse which I am appreciative for. There is also MMA training which I have recently joined. Wednesdays and Thursdays is Lacrosse scrimmage days where everyone of all ages is invited, so far we have acquired 3 new players. I am seeing a big improvement on the leisure and Recreation side!


(Top: Farmers market, part of Foodshed, Bottom: Local Youth basketball tournament.


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