My 10+ long hours of community service

For my ten hours of community service I decided to take on the task of putting together and completing a fundraiser for those who went to National FCCLA, which stands for Family Career And Community Leaders of America. This being a very expensive trip, required a lot of fundraising. Those of you who live in Baca county, know Mrs Selfs sugar cookies are the best. So I made cookie dough, frosted cookies, took orders, and set prices for each item, as well as set up a room to sell! Over all we made about 800 dollars with these cookies. I chose this project because it is something that could actually get me interacting with the community. Going into the medical field means I have to have good people skills. However, I use to be super shy. But I am working on that so I get myself out in the community, work on getting known, and people feel more dedicated to to talking to me, which helps me out so much. I also love baking so this was something I enjoyed. When I found this project I immediately jumped on it. The most challenging part was to stay on top, we were getting orders from all kinds of people, with only four people working on this project, it was harder to keep taking cookies out of the oven, frosting and decorating, boxing, and dealing with people, it was easy to get stressed. However, it was handled well as long as we stayed on top- which only required a few extra hours, but I was happy to do so. This project taught me a little time sacrifice made everything worth it! After seeing people with smiles on their face. The cookies spread smiles all over the community and was definitely something different that has happened. The cookies were very yummy too!

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