Much ado about Ellen.

My name is Ellen Chappell, though I have many nicknames that I respond to amongst many different people in many different social groups. I’ve found as of late that I have a potentially unique passion for helping others. Wherever I can, I seek out opportunities to make others’ lives, work, or even just their day easier.

Though I live in Lubbock now, I was born in Fort Worth, Texas to two lovely people, Patrice and Dwayne who continuously share their passion for helping others with me as I grow. I moved around with my parents until they planted in Cedar Park, Texas when I was in the 2nd grade. I grew up—for the most of my youth—in Cedar Park with them in a small house just down the street from the high school.

I set out for college in the fall of 2010 to Huntsville, TX at Sam Houston State University studying Art Photography. In my time at Sam Houston, I had an English professor named Dr. Gaines who led me to the decision to transfer to Texas Tech as a Journalism student. I spent four semesters majoring in Journalism when I discovered my niche: Electronic Media and Communications. Since, I’ve studied the ins and outs of electronic communication through different mediums and have loved every ounce of knowledge that I have gathered. As such, I love to collect photos of everything I see. I love to document and tell stories of things that would otherwise go unnoticed.

I plan to continue to explore the professional media world to learn as much as I can about the field. I have a huge interest in creative projects; I love to make my ideas come to life. After reviewing the website, the wildlife monitoring and natural resource conservation projects are mentioned and have sparked my attention. I have a special interest in wildlife and specific conservation of their habitats. I would love the opportunity to create a campaign or focus on wildlife conservation. I have had my eye on the wildlife rehabilitation here in Lubbock but with impending graduation, I haven’t quite found time to volunteer with them. I think this intern and apprenticeship will give me the time I need to explore their world.

Along with my enthusiasm for creation, in my eyes, the biggest and most prominent skill or passion I posses is my ability to connect with others. I try to always speak precisely and communicate effectively giving me the ability to talk with others in ease about anything we choose to speak about. I love to exchange knowledge and ideals with new and different types of people as well as age-old friends.

In the long run I hope to find a business community that is a perfect fit for my style and personality—whether that is creating a firm myself or finding my place elsewhere. Learning and absorbing everything I can through internships is just the way to find it. These particular programs at Ogallala Commons excites me, I anticipate the growth I will experience through the next few months.

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