More Common Wealth in Denver

Now that fall is here, there are even more assets of common wealth in the Denver area. There is now more leisure and recreation available such as corn mazes, haunted houses, and pumpkin festivals along with contests. Sometime the leisure and recreation overlaps with the health aspects of our community. There are hundreds of hiking trails all over along with ski and snowboarding resorts which also promote health. There are also parks for everything from dogs to skating along with gyms in every area. Going to the mountains would also give anyone that is from Colorado or been here for years a sense of place. There isn’t anything like going to another place and not knowing which direction you are facing and coming back to Colorado to always knowing where you are by looking to the west and seeing the Rocky Mountains. That is one of the biggest things that gives our community a sense of place. There are also plenty of places for spirituality with churches for anyone of varying religions where you can get together with those of similar beliefs and work to better your community. Even just the mountains for those that find their spirituality alone in nature. Some of the things that the church I attend does is put together food banks to help with our community food shed along with all the farming that surrounds Denver. One of the best things of the school I went to along with many other places in Denver is that they also have a compost which helps with the soil and mineral cycle along with the renewable energy through recycling and solar powered homes and airports. There is also an incredible water cycle with the reservoirs that we have, rivers, and lakes all around. Some even make up part of our national parks which also contributes to the history found in the area.The first picture below is at the evergreen park which is a short drive into the mountains just before we went to the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad. The other pictures are  from the conundrum hot springs that can only be reached by hiking ten miles.

ParkHot springsHike

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