More About My Internship!

Hi my names Braylee Brooks and in my current internship I assist my County Family Consumer Science Agent, in Hall and Briscoe County.I assist with our library program which is where we invite the kids in the community to our local library for about an hour class where we read a book, play a game, and make a craft.We also have a community garden in Silverton and Memphis that we hoe and maintain that once or twice a week so that the community will have fresh fruits and vegetables.Along with everything we do in our community, we have also been having camps we had our Caprock Canyons Camp earlier in June where kids from surrounding counties can come to Caprock Canyons and we do fishing, kayaking, games, and a craft. I also have been going to workshops on how to work with others and how to be a good advocate for agriculture and be able to teach everyone in our community more about the ag industry.All of these things have been a great experience.Over the past 2 months I have learned lots of skills especially responsibility and how to work with others but another thing I have learned is how to communicate with others and one thing you have to do is be a good listener one of my main goals to get better at communicating is becoming a better listener and I think because of this internship I have grown and gained more communication skills.Thank you for reading a little more about my internship.

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