Meet Mary Ann Acuna

Although my parents and sister have been living in Seguin, Texas longer than I have, I am the first in my family to be born and raised here. Growing up in a small town has been a blessing for me because I have had the opportunity to see different businesses and operations in action within the town and their immediate turnarounds in the community. With that being said, living in and going to school in San Antonio has been a learning experience for me. A few things that I learned in San Antonio are what I enjoy, and what my gift is. I enjoy learning the natural sciences, which is probably something that would make most cringe. If there was one specific subject I love it would be physiology. From this I have also gained interest in health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise, which has enabled me to become a health guide and coach for family and friends. My long-term career goal is to work in a medical field where I will be able to put my interests and knowledge to use. This internship will help me gain knowledge of what kind of occupation I could best serve in by opening up a door that I had no idea existed. I am excited and grateful to begin an internship working in the Seguin LULAC Community Garden, where I will be able to learn and inform others in the community about the plants and vegetables grown there and their benefits within our bodies.

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