Meet Alea Wittler

HI! My name is Alea Wittler. I am 13 years old and I’m from Vilas, in Baca County Colorado. This year is going to be my first internship. I will be interning at my local art studio. I hope to help with art camps this summer. My dad, John, grew up here in Baca County, and my mother, Trina, moved to Baca County at a young age and spent her teenage years here. I was born in Loveland, Colorado and my family moved back to Baca County when I was six years old.  I really enjoy living in such a rural area. I also go to the small school of Vilas Undivided. In my class of 9th grade, there are four people, counting me. I do enjoy going to a small school because I know everybody, and I get the opportunity to have a personal relationship with all my teachers. Some of my main passions are; science, dance, reading, and history. In fact, as of now, my plans for the future include history. I would like to go to college for either Journalism or Archival Archeology. I really enjoy handling and learning about artifacts. This internship will help me learn skills that I will need in my future careers, such as learning how to work for and with others and how to manage money and time. I am looking forward to my first job experience.


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