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McKenna Mason

During the first week of my internship, I got to experience my first-ever 4-H Roundup in College Station. Not only did I get to attend, but I had the opportunity to be a management intern. We worked 12 hours each day, our longest day was the last day of Roundup which was a 15-hour workday. I have never been a part of something so rewarding. I made countless connections with people who are in extension and are a part of Texas agriculture somehow, it was amazing.

One key thing I took away from this past week is that we, as humans, need to put ourselves out there. I have always been scared to start conversations or walk up to someone and introduce myself because I thought that the other person would make fun of me. Now, one of my favorite things to do is spark up a conversation with a stranger. Especially in the Panhandle of Texas, you never know who you could be standing next to because you more than likely know the same people.

Next, I also learned that it is okay to be nervous and scared about going into something you have no clue about. But I also must remember that almost everyone around me is in the same boat. We had a group of around 10 interns and 2 of them had been to Roundup before. I was so nervous, especially because I had never been to the Reed Arena at TAMU. Naturally, I did not know where to go and went to the wrong floor and was not able to find the other interns. I felt so silly and dumb for not knowing where to be. Finally, I found the other interns and they were also lost and did not know where to go. Knowing this immediately gave me relief, that I was not the only one to get lost and we were all in the same boat. 

Overall, the Texas 4-H Roundup was an amazing experience, and I would love to be a part of it for the years to come. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to be a part of it. I am so excited for the next few months to come with the Swisher County Extension office and the Food Systems Development project this summer.