Matthew Mark James

My name is Matthew James, I am from a small town in North Central Kansas called Concordia. Highway 81 goes straight through my home town. I have always been involved with computers and technology. Since I come from a small town, I did not have many chances to learn from my high school about computers, and what I could do with them for a career. I persisted and continued to follow what I was passionate about and followed a career in Computer Science at Kansas State University. Then one year into my college education I learned about a movement to bring more jobs to rural Kansas, and got involved in learning more from Bottega. Along with my family and friends, I love being social. Sparking a conversation with just a random person is something I will do quite often because I love getting to know people. My long term goals in life is to set up several means of passive income while continuing to work and to keep improving no matter what happens. I do not like to settle for things and will continue to strive for more in my life. I want to make as many connections and friends as possible while building my career and going through life. My apprenticeship with Primitive Social will help with my goals in an impactful way. Through this apprenticeship I will learn to be more proficient at what I do while meeting a ton of people of all ages to exchange stories and what we have learned. Above is a photo of me, then another of my boss and me at the Ogallala Commons Intern Retreat (it’s sideways because you have to install a plugin for wordpress to rotate it for some reason), and another photo of my group from the retreat (upside down for the same reason as the other photo).

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