Lubbock Compact

Lubbock Compact is a Non-profit Political Organization pushing to revitalize North & Northeast Lubbock. As a founding member, I can say our hopes are to raise awareness of political structure and tax dollar distribution inequities in the city of Lubbock. I helped found Lubbock Compact because I was tired of seeing the city officials knowingly neglect such large, prominent, historical, and mainly minority communities. The racism that goes along with the outdated and forever unjust laws such as the city’s redlining and distribution of harmful industrial plants must be addressed and changed. It is 2020 and it seems as though the city of Lubbock has made no movement to pay reparations to the inequality, oppression, and slavery that this country was built on. This has to stop. It hurts my heart to see such a large area of the community being taken advantage of for multiple generations.

As a member of Lubbock Compact, I have helped start a petition and gather signatures to hold the city officials accountable for the budget they decided to put into place a year ago as opposed to continuing to give the majority of tax dollars raised by struggling North and Northeast Lubbock to the wealthy sprawl of South & Southwest Lubbock. I have helped with our Disparity Report, which outlines the inequality that is so prevalent in Lubbock. I have also begun assisting with a garden care and revitalization project. I am also in charge of various areas of our social media campaign. 

Me and a fellow founding member volunteering at a local community garden

I feel the actions of Lubbock Compact are extremely overdue and if accepted, will have an outstanding transformation on the health of Lubbock, strengthening the infrastructure of the entire city as well as caring for the health of all of its citizens. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to be part of this history-making movement.

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