Local Llano Experience

Although my internship isn’t quite over with Ogallala Commons and Local Llano foodshed; at this point in the summer marks just about my halfway point. In my welcome blog, I explained that I hoped this internship would help me figure out what I wanted to do after I graduate from West Texas A&M University in May of 2019. I have gained so much experience through this internship. From making my own interview schedules, to working with different producers in the panhandle and creating videos and writing blogs for each one. My favorite interview so far, was with Don Schulte with Schulte Beef because his business and his passion for feeding the best quality beef reminded me of my own family ranch. It was truly a slice of home away from home getting to know him and his family.

Thus far I have created 3 Videos a month since June and I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know each producer personally. To create my videos I am using a software called Adobe Premiere; and at times it has it’s quirks and I have to YouTube to figure out how to work around but I have loved getting to learn more about different software and getting to share the producer’s stories with the public. The most challenging part of my internship was lack of communication from producers who didn’t respond to my emails an or phone calls. I couldn’t be too frustrated with them though because, I understand that the summer is the busiest time for most producers.

At the beginning of the summer all the interns for Ogallala Commons attended orientation at Talon Point in Channing Texas, and got to hear from some amazing people who have accomplished a lot through their careers, they all had advice that not only interns should listen to, but anyone who wants to start a new career or entrepreneurship. It was so much fun getting to watch new interns interact with each other and listen and learn about Ogallala Commons.

In the upcoming months I will visit more famers markets in the panhandle, interview brand new producers and keep promoting local food. I am thankful for this internship because I now know that I want to work in advertising or marketing. I love creating original videos and social media posts for Local Llano. I now know what I want to look for after graduation and I have Ogallala Commons to thank for that.


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