Lickety Split

For my community service, I was able to help out with our community ice cream truck. Our ice cream truck, named Lickety Split’, is run by our Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. This gave me the perfect chance to volunteer to serve ice cream to our community. In Holyoke, we have not had an ice cream truck driving through our streets in nearly four years, which made this a special treat for everyone. This project was perfect since it got ice cream to people without them having to leave their houses, therefore lessening exposure to Covid-19 for everybody.

I chose this project because the Chamber of Commerce is something my family is closely involved in. This project also seemed like a fun way to help people out during a pandemic. The only struggles I had for this project was finding a good time to help out, and of course the heat. It was very hot on the afternoons we decided to hand out ice cream, although this made business better. This project benefited the community by creating a safe way to get a sweet treat.

While the ice cream truck took up eight of my volunteer hours, I had a different project for my last two hours. This project consisted of helping with harvest bags. Harvest bags are bags full of snacks to hand out to our farmers during wheat harvest. This project is run by our local radio station and is completed every year. I did my part of this project by helping label water bottles for our hospital. By the end of this project, I had labeled three hundred water bottles to go out to each farmer in our community. This helped our community by helping our farmers keep hydrated during their long hours harvesting.

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