Lending a Helping Hand

Community service is one of my favorite hobbies to do. As you can tell by my first blog, I love being involved in school as well as with my community. In some of the clubs I am in involved with especially ,FFA, we do a great deal of community service. This includes events like Food For America, an event where our FFA chapter visits the elementary school and we help create a food item for the kids. I am also the president of our H.O.W Group, Helping Our World, a community service group. We do recycling as well as food drives. So as you can tell by this first paragraph, community service was no big problem for me.

For my community service, I chose to help at our local Elks Lodge. There were two primary reasons for why I chose our Elks Lodge. The first reason for this choice was the advantage of already being familiar with this establishment. A portion of our FFA events are actually hosted by the Elks. The second reason for this was that my employer, George Hanzas, is the leading knight of the Elks Lodge. He deals with a lot of the functions of the Elks. One of the major events I helped with was the Hot Summer Festival. The Hot Summer Festival is an event providing food, drinks, and live music to the community. A friend and I set up the tables, chairs, and tents. We also helped set up the food and drinks. I also helped with a few little events here and there. There were times when I had to set up and then take everything down as well. Just last week, I helped set up a party for a family. I think the most challenging part for me was taking down all the tables and chairs and then having to take them up. I believe the community benefited from this in a few different ways. The community was able to have fun in a safe manner. For the different parties, the hosts did not have to worry about the set up either. Community service is a big thing for me and I encourage people to do more of it in their own community.

Rocky Ford Elks Lodge. Doing my community service at the Elks Lodge gave me a feeling of satisfaction and I believe the community benefited greatly from my help.

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