Lending A Hand

For my community service project i focused on helping the elderly and disabled. The ways that we were brought up was to always help one another out that we are all family. I took this too heart and began to work on yards of the elderly. I of course talked to the individual elderly and asked permission to be either on their land or in their home for any work that needed to be done. Most of them were happy in letting me clean their yard. So i began to work with the elderly and looked around for any other opportunities to do any community service work around the pueblo. We have a pueblo clean up day that occurs right before our annual feast day where all the men around the village help each other in making a clean plaza and village for people to enjoy. Another community service project that i did was helping other farmers with their fields. Most men work in our community and don’t have time to come even check their fields. it is a problem in todays society which i have seen before and have never liked the outcome of what happens to a field that has been neglected. So me, my brother and our mentee for project Hii Hii Kah  took it upon ourself to go and help those who can not be there all the time. this helped many farmers continue to have a healthy growing crop throughout the summer. For all the things i had done in my community felt like i had done good but that wasn’t the reason why i felt good about what i did but it was not just that. The fact that people who have higher authority and carry much more respect to come up hug or shake my hand and say thank you put me to tears. The way they talked to me told me stories and kept me company while i worked and told me that what i did is what our community has done for generations but things have changed and it has not been for the better. But for them to talk to me about the old days and the way we used to be gives me the strength to keep on helping my community the best way i can. I also have requests to come back and help out again which makes me glad and i cannot wait.FB_IMG_1443478032792FB_IMG_1443478042118 (1)

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