Lend a Hand or Paw

I spent most of my volunteer time at my local animal shelter with Mona, the leader of cat volunteers for PAWS. PAWS or Pampa Animal Welfare Society is an organization focused on the care and future of the animals in the shelter. On average, there are about 60 cats and 60 dogs that reside in this temporary home.  My volunteer time was mainly spent taking care of cats. My job was to make sure that every cat had clean water and food, a clean cage and bedding, fresh litter, and sometimes a treat or toy to keep them entertained and happy. It was, at times, a challenging task because every cat had a personality of its own. Some cats just lay there and let you work around them. Others wanted love and affection, and who can resist a googly-eyed purring cat? NO ONE! Then you had the cats who hissed at you and wanted you nowhere near them, and I have to say they proposed a real challenge. I have some battle scars from a few times that I got a little to close and received “the claw” as my punishment. 

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My scratches healed in no time and I was ready to go back and see how all of them were doing! At times I had to resist the urge not to take one home with me because they were so loving. Then curiosity hit me and I wondered what other resources where available to help find these animals homes. In my search I found out that the need for help is well advertised. I began to see all of the resources that they have available. There is a link on the city website that allows you to see the pets that are adoptable, in need of a foster home, or those who are lost and needing to be found (http://www.cityofpampa.org/animalcontrol/page/pampa-animal-shelter). Citizens of the community help out by making donations and coming into the shelter to volunteer. Also, the pets who are adoption ready are taken to adoption events where they may find a new home. The workers and volunteers of the animal shelter work so hard to get these pets the best care possible and are so grateful to anyone willing to help. Their goal to get these animals into a good home where they can live long, health lives is in closer reach every day. Their mission has made me eager to go out and help when I can and you should do the same. If you ever have free time, go help out! I can bet that the shelters in your area are in need of help too and all you need to do is lend a hand!

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