Large Organizations at Work, But Grassroots Effort Preferred

The first portion of my service hours were completed at the StartCare offices in downtown Lubbock. StarCare provides services and assistance to people who have severe and persistent mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance abuse issues and those who are aging. I selected this volunteer opportunity because much of my graduate work will pertain to working with those suffering from disabilities. I was hoping for more hands on experience and networking; however, when I arrived the organization was preparing for a gala fundraiser. I handled calls and went on pick-ups for items donated for the silent auction. I assisted with preparing purchase orders for companies providing the catering, entertainment, venue, etc. It was a high energy, fast-paced experience. I enjoyed it immensely, but at the end of the day I realized my time could be utilized in an area closer to my future goals. I chose only to complete half of my civic hours in the downtown offices. I was given a synopsis of why the funds were being raised. I wanted to know what all StarCare did. Once I found out what the singular name entailed, I knew for sure I wanted out in the field. So becomes the following chapter…

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Deciding to make an initiative to do something myself occurred to me while sitting and wondering what I would do if I could not enter the mental health field. I figured, hey I know lots of kind and giving people. I have a computer, phone, and truck, I’m going to collect the things I know people in need can use and take it directly to them. I called Les, the director of “Tent City,” and decided on a day, time, and place to make a drop off for the residents. I also called Women’s Protective Services, found out what they could use, and scheduled accordingly with them. Now that the goal was determined, I needed to raise the needed products. I sent out emails, walked around campus and my neighborhood, called friends and colleagues, and before I knew it I had 25 bags and boxes to deliver. I had a well-rounded experience in my civic work, but I have a deeper respect for small movements. Real people making an effort to help others is what will make a true difference in this world.

*Tent City is located at 1701 Ave A in Lubbock, TX. Contact person is Les, (806) 765-9101

Truck load to drop off
Truck load to drop off

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