Kyler Moffitt Blog 4

For my Community Service I helped out at the library. I just helped stack books and file paperwork. Since the library was pretty slow, I did not really have a lot of work to do. When I was not helping out, I was just visiting with the librarian. When someone would come in and could not reach a book on the top shelf I would also help them get it down. Really there is not much to tell about what I did at the library. It kind of explains itself. When I was not working or talking to the librarian, I just sat there and read some of the books. Another form of community service I did that was not logged in my hours was mow a elderly neighbor’s lawn. I mow the yard weekly, and kind of just help them out with other small jobs or what not that they need. It is a pretty decent sized yard so it takes a while to mow. After mowing, I also weed eat and edge the yard. The other day, me and a buddy shoveled all of the dirt from the curb and went and dumped it in the ally. With the dirt being there it would not allow the water to drain when it would rain. It was kind of hard to be motivated to do that right after getting off work. I got off of a 9 hour shift and then went and spent the rest of the day in the hot sun shoveling dirt to keep the neighbor happy. That is the majority of the community service I did in the community. I did not do much else this summer since working at Conner took up most of my time. Maybe in the future I will be able to do more, but for now, this will work.

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