Kyler Moffitt Blog 3

The arts and culture aspect of Conner is the building of structures of making stuff look good in the community. There really is no foodshed aspect of Conner unless you count them usually having doughnuts in the break room on Wednesdays. As far as leisure and recreation, there really is no relaxation involved in the business. There is no renewable energy aspect in the community either. History wise, Conner has a history of being a religious company and serving the community. Education wise, the people at Conner take the time to explain something is someone does not understand what is going on. They also send you to classes and other stuff in order to go the other pants and facilities in the area. Spiritually, Conner is not shy about the lord they serve. They also hold bible study on Wednesday mornings before the work day. Soil and mineral cycle does not really have anything to do with the work being done out there. The water cycle does not really apply here either. Wildlife and Natural World does not apply here either. Sense of place seems really important there. They take care of the community showing that they appreciate the region that we live in. They also make everyone working there feel like they are wanted and needed there. Overall, Conner Industries is a great place to have around the community. They take great pride in their work and their community.

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