Kids, Fairs, and Farmer’s Market

There is no better way to start off the summer than with a Farmer’s Market! It is the best place to buy homegrown vegetables, homemade desserts, and much more. The key part of this year’s internship is to re-create the Farmer’s Market to a destination in Leoti. We are trying to make it more kid friendly by having games and prizes for the children that come with their parents. This way the kids are becoming involved and will want to come back. Having craft vendors and musicians at the market is on our list too. We are also promoting the Community Garden at the market with recipes to try, flyers, and showing off the vegetables that come out of it. Our main goal is to make the Farmer’s Market a place for the community to come out and enjoy every Wednesday.

Helping get everything ready for the County Fair is also a part of this internship. The extension office deals with all of the 4-H paperwork and superintendent books. I have been working on putting together the new superintendent books for the upcoming fair. When the fair is here I will be putting up the booths and help out with our free barbeque. Voulunteering to run some rides is also a part of fair week. Nothing beats putting the fair altogether then being able to watch it unfold into the colorful array of lights and sounds that light up the sky in town for four nights.

The funnest part of the summer by far is watching the little kids at the Summer Reading Program. This program has kids reading and learning to be healthy eaters and active in life. The kids loved the activities that we just had at a mini track meet last week. There was shotput, javelin, relays, and long jumping. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a nice cold popsicle to beat the heat. Next week there will be another fun day learning to be healthy while reading away.

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