Key Assets: History and Art

In my community there are a few examples of history having been preserved. The largest town in the area has a small museum with information about the area. In the same town, there is an old school building that has been preserved and has pictures of a few of the classes that attended school there. In another town about ten miles away, a building from the creation of the town houses a small museum about C.F. Wheeler, an influential man in the creation of the town. A large portion of the Christian community attends a Christmas Eve service at an old church that has slowly been restored over the years. We also have a lot of living history with people that have spent their entire lives in the area. It’s wonderful living in an area where our history is important and is preserved.

The CF Wheeler museum in Vilas, CO.

For a small community, we have a wide variety of examples of arts and culture. We have enough local artists that we have at least one art show that everyone is allowed to enter within a year. We also have an art and photography section at our local fair, along with clothing and quilting. One family in our area specializes in jewelry and leatherwork that is incredibly detailed. There are a few plays at the local theater every year, and a variety show that has a local band set up as a house band. It’s always fun to see the different examples of art and how they are inspired by the area we live in.

The marque from a past show at the community theater

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