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Nazareth Museum
Nazareth Museum
Nazareth Family Park
Nazareth Family Park

Soil and Mineral Cycle: Soil menders is a family owned business near Nazareth that sells organic soil prep and soil building products.

Renewable Energy: Windmill generators were recently installed at the school. It is cost efficient and it should pay for itself after having it five years. It is also good for the environment.

History: The museum has various exhibits of home and school skills from the past.

Water Cycle: The water from the Ogallala Aquifer is cleaned and used as drinking water.

Health: Local farmers grow organic crops without the use of harmful chemicals.

Sense of Place: The community works together to organize events such as German Fest and the Labor Day parade. Nazareth is also well-known for its many accomplishments in basketball and academics.

Spirituality: The Holy Family Church is a beautiful Catholic Church, which is the only church in the community, but it seats five hundred people.

Foodshed: Locals donate food to the Food Pantry at the Scouts center to give food to those in need.

Leisure and Recreation: The garden park is a beautiful park full of flowers, scenery, and seating. The plants are tended to by locals in the community. German Fest is a popular event that almost everyone in the community help with and take part in the activities. The activities consist of water slides, exhibits of clothes and toys, a meal, and museum and other exhibits on the history of Nazareth.

The community of Nazareth is very close-knit and family-oriented. The community members come together to run the events and the locations in their town. Without the people in the community, Nazareth would not be the great town it is.

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