Keeping Distanced and Busy

I am currently wrapping up the sixth week of my internship as the Red Willow Farm’s intern on Co-op development. It has been challenging to say the least, working on Co-op development amidst a pandemic where we are recommended to keep our distance. Travel and communication in our currently evolving work environment have presented unforeseen challenges in the way I have been going about accomplishing goals during my internship. I have been relying heavily on zoom and digital communication to network and gather information pertinent to Co-op’s in New Mexico. Through my research I am beginning to not only understand the many different types of co-ops which exist but the benefits to small communities they offer and how communities can benefit from them whether people are part of them or not by leveraging the availability of products or services locally as an alternative to large corporations.

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Preparing for a zoom meeting from the comfort of my RV

A goal that sticks out immediately especially amidst the pandemic we are currently experiencing, is the ability to be able to adapt to the changing means of communicating/meeting. Scheduling as many zoom meetings as I have been is new territory to me, and can be overwhelming at times. Nevertheless I am attempting to schedule and follow through with more cyber meetings. I understand that progress relies on them and we are in a constantly changing work environment.

A goal I have for leadership is to be able to effectively purvey the reasons the Taos Pueblo Community would benefit from a co-op to the leadership roles of the tribe, so that this time there is a common shared goal for all the community. The successful operation of this co-op should LEAD to the development of others within the community.

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Buffing the floors @ our teams temporary office/meeting space Taos County Economic Development Center TCEDC

Through my internship I have been expanding my professional network daily. I am meeting with ambitious leaders of organizations leading the way in co-op development in our country, eager to share all their knowledge to increase the availability of co-op’s worldwide. Co-ops attempt to provide the best price for products or services to communities and offer incentives to become members. Overall co-ops help lower the price of products and services by leveraging each others(members) resources. Which is exactly the type of business I didn’t realize I had been aspiring to be part of. Thanks again for the opportunity OC.

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